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Huawei MatePen 2048 Pressure Sensitivity

MPN: 02452491

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A Signature Innovation

The HUAWEI MateBook features the HUAWEI MatePen to give you greater control and focus over your actions. Featuring a sensor that detects over 2048 levels of sensitivity and an easy access eraser mode, you can make clear expressions with bold strokes. 

Show and Tell

The HUAWEI MatePen also works on other levels to enhance efficiency. With a built-in laser pointer feature, you can go from creating to presenting in an instant. 

A Long Lasting Tool 

The HUAWEI MatePen contains a rechargeable lithium battery chargeable by USB for up to 100 hours of use. 

SpecificationsMatePen, 2048 levels pressure sensitivity Both for producing and meeting 100hours battery life
Item Dimension (L inch x W inch x H inch)8 x 5 x 1
Weight1.00 lb

1 Year Consumer Warranty.

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